Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 5 Day 1 - NetworkViewIDs, Scorekeeping and Push ability

Today was spent adding a ScoreKeeper to the game.  Whenever a player is respawned, they tell the player, and the score is updated appropriately.  Right now we are only basing scores on when opposing players hit the edge of the map.  In post-Alpha 1 builds, we intend to base it on the last player to push/effect the player before hitting the edge.

We didn't fully get to an end game condition, however it seems like that won't take too much time to finish up tomorrow.

There were more issues with how we were mapping players to their builds.  It turns out that the NetworkPlayer that we were using will only work as we expected on the Server, and the unique numbers for each client are not available on other clients.  We are now allocating a NetworkViewID (Which is guaranteed to be unique) for each player, and they pass this with all their correspondence.

There is still work that needs to be done on the Push ability.  It seems that no matter how we adjust the force being applied, it will often times transform into a large vertical movement, that we can't seem to follow.  The vertical movement seems random, and we need to more thoroughly investigate this issue.  It doesn't seem to be caused by physics materials on the object, as we are controlling for those.

We also made an online form for the post-play questionnaire after the two test games.  We also put a button linking directly to it in the main menu of the game, to make getting to the survey easy for our testers.

The remaining list for Alpha 1 preparations:

  • Push Ability adjustments
  • More thorough network testing
  • End condition for games (Score and timer)
The link to our Alpha 1 signup is at the following address:

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