Friday, January 10, 2014

Week 4 Day 5 - Teams and Character Builds!

Thursday and Friday were spent reworking how we are storing a player's data on the clients.  It turns out that we misunderstood how the Unity Networking RPC and Network.Instantiate methods were passing "sender" data, and everything is actually coming from the server on the clients (which makes a lot of sense, now that we think of it...).  We spent quite a long time hunting down this issue, which manifested when we were trying to pass a player's build to the other clients, which also includes what team they are on, and their chosen name.  Once we figured out what the issue was caused by, everything worked as expected.

We are now passing builds to all clients, and they are apply aspects of the build to each character.  Right now the only change is the team, which will change the character's color.  Post-Alpha 1, this will be where we apply their choices for jump/movement/role abilities, and weight.

We also have a crosshair! Yay!

This puts our list of tasks to complete by next Saturday's test at the following:

  • Rework push ability
  • More thorough network testing
  • Score keeping, and win condition
  • Create official post-play questionnaire for Alpha 1

The link to our Alpha 1 signup is at the following address:

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