Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 4 Day 3 - Current Status

We are about a week and a half from Alpha 1 test.  This week has been pretty productive, with completion of the following tasks:

  • Game lobby character customization placeholder
  • System for character names, and rework of chat box
  • Boundaries to the arena, and respawning when you hit these boundaries
  • Reworked character ability management, so now abilities are loaded when the player is created
    • Currently these are all predefined for each player, and is not sent over the network (That will probably be for Alpha 2)
  • Network test
    • Able to create servers and join them as expected
    • This test displayed an issue where some players will completely lose control of their character, and fly off in a random direction.  We aren't sure what causes that issue, but it's definitely something that will need to be fixed before Alpha 1
This puts us about on track for where we wanted to be at this time.  We still have the following tasks to complete before Alpha 1:
  • Rework push ability, to act more appropriately
  • Teams, score keeping and end of game
  • Game lobby game placeholder information
  • More thorough network testing
  • Add cross hair to the HUD
  • Create official post-play questionnaire for Alpha 1
We have also created the web form for our Alpha 1 test sign up, it can be found here.  We are hoping for about eight people for each of the two testing times.  That would give us a fairly large sample to draw data from, while still being manageable.

Shortened link to sign up form:

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