Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 3 Day 3 - Ending and Exiting the game

Today was spent making it possible to end and exit games.  The host player can now end the game for all players, sending them back to the game lobby.  Any client player may leave the game, which sends them back to the main menu.

There is currently a small error that Unity receives on the server during arbitrary game endings. This happens because the server removes all the objects in the game, but receives one last update from a client about their object.  That last update throws an error because the object no longer exists.  We are properly removing the footprint of RPC calls associated with each object, however this message manages to get through.  It may just have to be an error that exists, as it doesn't actually cause any issues with the game.

We also have a working Pause Menu and HUD.  The pause menu features settings that can be modified in the game.  The HUD currently just has placeholder information that will be added in later (possibly between the Alpha builds).

We put together a list of items we have started, but need to put more work into before the Alpha 1 test:

  • Physics/Push Ability
  • Game Lobby information and display
    • Placeholder information for character customization
    • Placeholder information for game customization
  • Spawning, Respawning, and boundaries to the arena
  • more thorough network testing
    • We haven't actually gotten a game to work between two computers yet, however all the backend should exist now for that to work properly
In addition to these items, we have a number of things we haven't started yet, but wish to complete before the first test:

  • Teams
  • Character ability management
  • Score keeping and a win/loss condition

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