Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 1 Day 1 - Repository set up & Beginning Character Controls

Spent a few hours getting our Subversion repository working, followed by officially starting development of Dias.  Here are some photos of our code, math, and physics.  The code allows the  camera to move around the player, as far as they wish in the horizontal axis, and to a maximum and minimum degree in the vertical.  Those values are calculated based on proportions set in camLocProportion.  camLocProportion is the proportion of distanced behind and above the player model.  The trigonometry shown below is also calculating the maximum and minimum degrees the camera should be allowed to rotate.  And the kinematic equation shown in the top right calculated the initial jump velocity to be set to achieve a jump height 'd'.  Cause physics. 

~Zach Lorenzen
~Jon Kenkel

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