Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 1 Day 2 - Camera Polish, Gravity and Controls

We started out the day with touching up the issues of clipping with platforms, and the camera going inside the player as the camera came closer during collisions.  The player model now becomes transparent when the camera comes closer than 4 Unity units (~4 meters).

Zach started working on player settings, and I started working on getting input for the rest of our controls.  We had a debate about how to organize controls and such for all the actions a player will need to do during gameplay.  We arrived at the following table:

Player Action Mouse/KB Mapping Controller Mapping
Character Movement WASD Left Thumbstick
Camera Movement Mouse Motion Right Thumbstick
Camera Zoom Mouse Scrollwheel D-Pad up/down
Ability 1/2/3/4 Q/E/R/F Left Trigger/Right Trigger/Y/B
Jump Space A
Dash Shift X
Telescope Zoom Right Mouse Button Left Bumper
Distance Checker* Left Mouse Button Right Bumper
Score Popup Tab Back
Pause Popup Menu Esc Start

*The distance checker is a new idea we came up with during the mapping of controls.  A continuous issue with out game is the fact that it is difficult to judge distances and jumps to other platforms.  The distance checker will fire out a ray, and get a platform from where the player is aiming.  It will then use the standard jump distance and gravity to determine if the player can hit the platform.  If they can, it will provide a visual cue.  We are thinking this cue will be a glowing of the platform, but may be simply mapped to a HUD element during early development.

We talked about possibly having other views of the game, possibly a large overhead view or a side view that could be activated by buttons.  We are going to leave these out for the moment, but may come back to them at a later time.

For the rest of the day, we are going to continue working on settings, getting all this input, and possibly starting to get the Distance Checker and Telescope Zoom working.

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