Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 12 Day 7 - Known Issues, and Preparations for Beta 1

The test this last weekend was very unhelpful.  Mostly in the sense that we didn't get any good information from the test, due to other issues with the game.  There were problems with maintaining a proper connection to the server, and the server handling users coming in and out.

We are aware of a number of bugs with the system currently, and they are as follows:
  • Disconnecting from an unresponsive server takes too long
  • HUD will occasionally crash while respawning
  • Tab-score menu does not get drawn with consistency every frame
  • Gravity Toggle stops the player's momentum from their own movement (but not momentum from pushes and other abilities)
  • Slam ability (called Gravity Increase during alpha 2) does not properly throw surrounding players into the air
  • Blink ability requires that a player be standing completely still to activate
  • Detecting when a player is grounded is still inaccurate.
    • Players will on rare occasions be granted an extra jump when they leave the ground (because the game thinks they are still on the ground)
    • Players will appear to not be on the ground when going down small inclines
  • Players can select resolutions from the Unity Game Menu that do not work with our interface
    • This options should really be moved to the settings menu
  • There is no tooltip for what all of the abilities on the Game Lobby actually do.  Players are currently selecting abilities at random based on their names
  • Players can't edit their options from the game lobby
We've decided to alter the project schedule for the next test.  With spring break still going on during the time we intended for Beta 1, we are now pushing it back to the weekend of April 4-6.  We also are pushing back the scheduled goal for this week, due to the state of the game, and the issues listed above.

The schedule for the next several weeks is:

  • Week 13 - Check as many items out of the above list as possible
  • Week 14 - Implement more abilities, add player mass to the game
  • Week 15 (spring break) - finish implementing abilities, add platform movement, possibly add models and clean up more from the checklist above.
  • Week 16 - Polish for Beta 1, finish any work on models
Work on the project has certainly slowed in the previous weeks, in a frustrating fashion.  We hope to pick it up in the coming weeks, as we have some cleanup to do.

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